Exciting Retail Opportunity

The mall is in a high-density, middle class area. An efficient design ensures ease of access through vast parking bays, with a central food court to draw travelers, professionals and nearby residents alike in momentous numbers. In addition, the mall is located right opposite the main Western Kenya bus stop, enhancing convenience for commuters and boosting potential foot traffic.

The mall is a new model in retail design brimming with opportunity and the chance to capitalize on this vast untapped market at a succulent premium. With major local and international retailers like Choppies already commited for the space, there is a limited opportunity to grab a stake in this prime venture.


Unique Ownership

Highlands is a mall built with the retailer as the central consideration. Abundant and well-designed rental space allows the retailer full flexibility to construct and own their workspace. Scenic views boost the serene ambience and increase customer value perception. With a large parking space and location right opposite a bus stop, customers in the numbers are bound to flow in and potentially translate into daily constant booming business. The Highland environment will be lights, camera, sales!